In Dr. Sears’ books, lectures, and newsletters he points out that our modern DNA is 99.9998% identical to our ancient ancestors who lived thousands of years ago in a pure, pristine environment.

But our modern environment has changed, and in order to thrive in this new toxic world, we need to identify and overcome our modern challenges, while honoring the evolutionary needs we’ve developed over millennia.

Dr. Sears has a unique insight into how our modern bodies react to our problem environment and how to stay lean, energetic, and vital regardless of how sick or out of shape we may have been in the past.

That includes restoring control over blood sugar, insulin, and the hormones that control weight gain, appetite, and metabolism. With eating strategies, supplementation, in-house therapies, and personal consultation, Dr. Sears and his staff create a personal plan that restores your “primal” foundation, while using concentrated doses of nutrients and anti-oxidants to enhance digestion, weight loss, and overall physical performance.

Dr. Sears’ nutrition strategies can trigger lasting weight loss, help build lean body mass, burn excess fat, ease depression, boost energy, and restore youthful energy.