PACE is the world’s first anti-aging fitness regimen. Short bursts of challenging exercise can help slow down your aging clock, lengthen your life and make you more resistant to disease. PACE’s brief but vigorous routines of increasing intensity are specifically designed to help support and lengthen your telomeres, while increasing the strength and capacity of your heart and lungs. In just 12 minutes per day, PACE can help you burn fat, relieve stress, restore youthful function, and lengthen your life.

Modern exercise advice has failed you. As Dr. Sears points out in his best-selling, PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution, cardio, aerobics, and long-distance running actually shrink your lung power, make your heart weaker, and train your body to store fat.

By practicing long-duration, moderate-intensity activities like cardio and aerobics, you’re going against nature’s design. Our bodies simply were not designed to run long distances. As humans, we evolved as hunters, and that means we’re built for quick bursts of intense effort followed by rest. This is true of other animals as well.

You will never see an animal or native human running for 20 miles at a time. And when we take on these modern exercise habits, they condition our bodies to give up the vast reserve power our heart and lungs need to survive.

PACE is the antidote to cardio and aerobics, and reconditions your body to grow and expand your lung volume (which most doctors think is impossible), maximize your heart’s pumping power, grow new muscle mass, trigger the production of key anti-aging hormones like HGH, testosterone, and DHEA, and train your body to burn fat as fuel, instead of storing it in your belly and backside.

One of the most popular features of PACE is its ability to activate your “after burn,” your body’s built-in capacity burn fat for up to 18 hours after you finish your workout.

PACE uses short, progressively accelerating sets of activity followed by rest to mimic the way our ancestors moved, and restore the strength and balance our bodies were designed to have.

The movements are familiar and easy, and you can start anywhere, regardless of how out of shape you may feel. If you can stand up, you can do PACE.

PACE is the only anti-aging fitness program in the world, and the only protocol that effectively restores the kind of power and grace our ancient ancestors had without even thinking about it.

Truth is, your body has more power and capacity than you ever imagined possible and PACE is the key to unlocking that potential.

PACE Schedule: Mon – Fri

We offer a flexible schedule for the PACE Fitness Class except on Holidays and Weekends, when we are closed. Since we do have a flexible floating schedule please call for the current schedule, as it is subject to change weekly. 561-784-7852.

Lockers and showers are on the facility for those wishing to use them. Please ask for information on usage of the lockers.

If you are a heart patient, or have serious health issues, please make sure you have been cleared for exercise by your primary care doctor.