Infrared Sauna

Our exclusive Thermal Experience includes a range of different types of heat and sweat therapies that can be utilized before, after, or during your service. Thermal wellness traditions enhance the outcome of your stay with us. These Thermal Therapies cleanse and aid in relaxation and detoxification prior to treatments and following physical fitness. Release tension and tight muscles in a scented room where the soothing power of steam is enhanced by aromatic essential oils and refracted colored light.

Ozone Sauna

Relax and revitalize in this warm ceramic chamber with heated seats and inner oxygen lounge— the perfect way to begin the purification process. Ozone is super charged oxygen and the integumentary system is the largest organ in your body.  This unique process allows supercharged oxygen to be delivered to all of your skin with sweat therapy.

Syndrome Zero

An experienced team of health and wellness professionals guide you through new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of weight problems. The latest clinical advances are available to help balance hormones and chemistry, assess for inflammation and evaluate behavior that governs eating patterns and weight loss or gain. This approach goes far beyond the frenzy of high-carb/low-fat and other confusing diets and unlocks the door to healthy weight, increased energy, and optimal aging. Support for your new, healthy patterns after your return home is included.

Microbiome Restoration.

At the Sears Institute we view microbiome restoration as an integral part to living a primal lifestyle. Patients that engage in our hunter-gatherer diet choices, fitness recommendations and gastro-rejuvenation will experience all new energy levels and vitality.

Our restoration program is the result of years of personal research conducted by Dr. Sears. Patients in this program learn all of  the latest research in natural solutions to restoring your gut. But the advantage here is that we have years’ worth of research conducted by Dr. Sears while travelling amongst native populations that are living a primal lifestyle far away from the chemical poisons of Big Agra.


Simple tests can reveal which heavy metals are flowing through your blood and how to safely clear them out of your system. You may be shocked by what you discover!

Chelation is one of the latest breakthroughs in clearing out toxic waste and reducing your “chemical body burden. Our patients come to us for chelation via IV to remove metals that have built up in the body. This can improve heart health and blood vessels, improve liver and kidney function, increase blood flow to the brain, and more.