• World-Renowned PACE Fitness Program: Personal coaching and instruction on the world’s first anti-aging fitness program designed to maximize heart strength and lung power, and burn stubborn fat.
  • Bone Mineral Restoration: We test for the critical but little-known markers of health and aging most doctors either overlook or ignore. Dr. Sears has identified several successful and natural ways to treat deficiencies identified by this very insightful diagnostic tool we have on-site for the convenience of all our patients.
  • Whole Body Frequency Vibration: Most doctors prescribe Big Pharma’s osteoporosis drugs to prevent fractures. But here’s the tragedy…bone drugs lead to MORE fractures and create brittle and crumbling bones. At the Sears Institute we don’t prescribe those drugs, our patients build strong bones with natural therapies including one that most doctors have never heard of … Whole Body Vibration.  
  • Posture Re-education Program: New program in clinical development.
  • Yoga: The way you’re sitting right now could be having a real impact on your health. Prescriptive yoga provides true relief. Yoga can increase flexibility in your muscles and joints, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, even boost mood and energy levels… all through simple changes in the way you sit, stand… and breathe.