• Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing: We offer the most complete and comprehensive testing for finding out which foods and beverages may be triggering hard-to-diagnose health problems. (No need to draw your blood!)
  • Chelation and Heavy Metal Testing: Simple tests that reveal which heavy metals are flowing through your blood and how to safely clear them out of your system. (You may be shocked by what you discover.)
  • Physician-Designed Wellness Planning: Complete protocols designed for you as an individual that cover areas of your life most doctors never touch.
  • “Super Vitamin” IV Therapy for Anti-Aging: By sending nutrients directly into your bloodstream, like vitamin C or glutathione, you accelerate healing and REVERSE hard-to-treat conditions.
  • Customized Nutritional Therapy: Discover which foods and beverages will help you thrive and which ones may cause illness or disease. Plus, innovative ways to cope with special diet demands in our modern world.
  • Exclusive Nutritional Supplement Formulas: My full range of nutritional supplements and unique formulas, incorporating the breakthrough nutrients I’ve discovered on my world-wide expeditions.