• Telomere Testing: The only test of its kind in the world, measures your true “biological age”, the strongest indicator of how quickly you’re aging and how old you really are.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Concentrated oxygen bursts to your cells trigger your body’s natural healing process by turning on DNA and genes associated with growth and healing, and turning off inflammation and cell death. Our beautiful Oxygen Lounge is where we treat patients in our state-of-the-art chamber.
  • Stem Cell Therapy: This is an exciting field of Regenerative Medicine whereby you can use your own stem cells to make new, healthy cells inside your body.
  • Comprehensive Physical Exams: We test for the critical but little-known markers of health and aging most doctors either overlook or ignore.
  • Biological Age Analysis: Find out the true strength and capacity of your heart, lung power, immune function, and more… and how to make them younger.
  • World-Renowned PACE Fitness Program: Personal coaching and instruction on the world’s first anti-aging fitness program designed to maximize heart strength and lung power, and burn stubborn fat.
  • Exclusive Nutritional Supplement Formulas: My full range of nutritional supplements and unique formulas, incorporating the breakthrough nutrients I’ve discovered on my world-wide expeditions.
  • IV Laser Therapy: This is an emerging technology that was developed in Europe and brought here by Dr. Sears. We exclusively offer this re-energizing mitochondria therapy to our patients. Our medical team has been treating patients with our IV Laser services with great positive results since 2016.

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