Biomarkers of Aging Protocol

For Dr. Sears, anti-aging is not about longevity. There’s no point living past 100 if you’re too sick and feeble to get out of bed. For Dr. Sears, the real goal is living as long as you can, but with all the powers and privileges of youth intact.


That’s what Dr. Sears calls your healthspan, and that’s the primary goal behind every strategy, protocol, and intervention offered by the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Sears uses specific measurements to track and monitor the effectiveness of anti-aging therapies, including your biological age, telomere length, and a new metric pioneered by Dr. Sears called age quotient, or AQ.

Your AQ is an easy way of understanding how well you’re doing, how quickly you’re aging, and what you can expect in the future.

In the same way that IQ measures intelligence and allows you to compare yourself to others, AQ shows you how quickly you’re aging and how you measure up with other people your age.

If you’re aging at an average pace for someone your age, your AQ is 100. That’s the baseline. If you’ve successfully slowed down aging in your body and are biologically younger than someone your age, your AQ is above 100. And if you’re aging at an accelerated rate, your AQ falls below 100.

In this way, Dr. Sears can easily track your progress, while helping you “keep score,” gauge your own efforts, and understand what you can expect as you get older.

Telomere length and telomerase activation are core objectives in Dr. Sears’ practice and allow him to actually reverse the biological or “true” age of your organs, tissues, and cells.


This is the total package for Dr. Sears Telomerase Activation Protocol, and includes all the relevant testing, including your office visit. You’ll receive our state-of-the-art telomere length testing and analysis, a full workup of physical biomarkers, complete laboratory anti-aging analysis, and Age Quotient analysis, along with an individualized program for lengthening your telomeres and reversing your biological age.

If you do not need the total package, you can request the following individual packages:


These tests help determine the biological age of your bones, muscles, memory and cognitive function, along with a number of other key factors that help us create a baseline level to work from. Testing includes vital lung capacity, pulmonary function, vascular stiffness, memory and cognition, reaction time, and many others.


This group of tests measure the length of your telomeres, and other chemical biomarkers including a comprehensive analysis of hormones, cholesterol, enzymes, cofactors, and individual organ functions. Taken together, these markers help establish your current biological age and serve as the basis for future interventions.